Welcome To Spa Afrique


The Spa Experience

The Spa Afrique Day Hydro is nestled in the heart of Northcliff, Johannesburg, and as the name suggests, is decorated in true African-style. The design and colours used depict the unique landscape and wildlife of the African continent.
Spa Afrique boasts a number of facilities, including the authentic fibre -optic caves; a complete sensory experience; steam room; Jacuzzi; whirlpool; plunge pool and fully equipped hair salon,all adding to one's Spa experience.

Whether one comes for a Full Day Package, a Half Day Package, a group booking, one of the themed Spafari Treatmentsor for just a simple "eyebrow shape" Spa Afrique promises friendly service, professionalism and a wealth of knowledge in the industry, ultimately a highly enjoyable day provided by highly qualified staff.

The mythological river God, "Nyaminyami" has provided the inspiration for Spa Afrique's authentic fibre - optic caves. With the head of a fish and the body of a snake, he is believed to be the protector of the Tonga tribe, who live in the Zambezi valley.

The story of the river God, Nyaminyami, is told at the entrance to the Spa Afrique caves, and several of the spa treatments and rituals have been developed specifically with this in mind, to provide visitors an all new experience with an authentic African theme.

One of the specialized treatments unique to Spa Afrique is Serengeti Spafari which includes the Inkaba massage. This treatment has been developed from various cultures' massage movements and is synchronized into one massage, while utilizing pulsed light and traditional style music. Magnetic therapy is utilized to help promote relaxation, which is all offered in by a complete sensory experience.

A typical day at Spa Afrique provides a tranquil escape from daily life. The hostess is welcoming and shows one around the facilities, making your stay as comfortable and homely as possible.

On arrival you will receive freshly laundered spa wear, and a light health breakfast is served in the eating area providing a beautiful African garden view. Shortly after breakfast one of the experienced Spa Afrique therapists will show you to a personalized treatment room where the first of the various luxurious treatments begin.

Throughout the day you will have access to all the spa facilities, refreshments and healthy snacks which are on offer, while being able to enjoy serene African-style settings.

Spa Afrique is renowned for its caliber of treatments, friendly service, and the wide range of spa, body, skin, beauty and specialized treatments on offer, catering for everyone's needs.

It is an ideal setting for both local and international day visitors to improve mind, body and spirit. It truly is an African oasis, set in the heart of Northcliff.